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Iran Photos. Persia is an amazing place. Travel is easy, and the country is completely unspoiled by mass tourism – touts are an almost unheard of rarity.

When I started planning this trip to Iran, I was excitedly telling everyone about my decision… and everyone would ask the same question: ‘Why?’

A trip to Iran breaks all stereotypes. The country is safe and photogenic. The people are warm, friendly, educated and sometimes rather innocent… It is a mystery how they managed to preserve their distinct identity and their ancient and sophisticated culture through so many difficult times, but they did and they are deservedly proud of it.

Some places were really hot and we would find ourselves the only people on the street during a 45°C siesta. However, at all other times, even late at night, the streets were full of people, and it wasn’t unusual for us to be invited by total strangers to join their extended family picnic, whether in a park or just on a lawn by the side of the road…