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Hong Kong photos. I really love this city. I know that every place is unique, but I also believe that some places are more unique than others. Hong Kong is definitely one of them. East meet West, new meets old, skyscrapers meet jungle, and the 21st century meets traditional fishing village life… And you are always just a couple of steps away from all of it… Sounds… Smells… Flashing neon lights… Dim sum (why do they call it yum cha in Australia?)… The feel of that humid wind on your face… All the senses are constantly flooded… The crowds would probably be unbearable for an Australian, but I’m from Moscow and I love them here too.

Although not all of this may always be pleasant for a Westerner, Hong Kong is definitely unique. It is a real shame that many people consider it only as a stopover destination.

Hong Kong is the only place I’ve visited more that once. If I could live anywhere in the world, Hong Kong would be among my top 3 or 4 choices.